The Importance Of Feedback

Because I don’t see you every day and I don’t see how you’re coping with the training program, it is fundamental that you will give me plenty of feedback following your training sessions. I’m writing this because this is something I repeat and ask every week.

The feedback I ask you for includes the post-workout feedback on Training Peaks and also the ‘notorious’, weekly email or recap.

Post-workout Feedback

The most important questions you need to answer after every single sessions are:

·      Did you enjoy the session? Why?

·      What went well? Why?

·      How were your energy levels during the session? Why?

·      What went wrong? Why?

·      How can we improve what went wrong?

You don’t have to write a whole epic poem – although it’s fun to read what you come up with – but nor limit the feedback to a mere “OK”. Use a couple of sentences (2-3) to answers the above questions and describe only the single session. Focus on those 30, 40, 60 minutes (or more if it’s a longer session), but focus only on the session. Of course, if there is something external that has influenced the session, like a bad night of sleep, a storm, you didn’t eat … please include that too.

The Weekly Recap

This is also a very important part of the online coaching. With this task (please send it to me by Friday noon!!!), you will focus on the previous week as a whole and you will try to answer these questions:

·      How was the general feeling of the week? (Tough, medium, easy …)

·      How did you sleep during the week?

·      How were your energy levels throughout the week?

·      What went well/wrong? How can we improve what went wrong?

·      Have you got something that came up for the upcoming days or week/weeks?

The fact that I ask an email is mainly because an email is easier to track in case of need. I won’t get tired of repeating it: having a feedback of this kind (and not only TP smiley faces) will help me massively to have a better understanding of how your training is going.

Finally, it goes without saying that if there’s something major happening (read: injuries, colds, sickness) you have to let me know as soon as possible. But this does not include birthday parties or Confirmations you may have forgotten :)